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WI Designer Crafts Council Biennial, Jan. 24, 2020-Mar.6 Whether one is a fine craft artist through vocation or avocation, pursuing a career or a life-enriching passion, the Wisconsin Designer Crafts Council has served Wisconsin’s fine craft community for 104 years. In that time, the organization has changed and evolved, spurred by the needs of its members and the times in which they worked, while continuing to offer sales and exhibition opportunities, workshops and professional development programs. The WDCC 2020 Biennial Members Exhibition, “Makers and Masters…Tradition in Transition” will feature WDCC members, be they Master Craft Artists with decades of experience, new Makers at the beginning of their creative evolution, or mature members devoting more time to their creative passions after leaving other careers.

Upcoming Events

Feb 1

2020 Annual Sock-Hop

with the Band II Cool


Music, All Ages

Be prepared to rock the night away!

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Feb 7 & 8

KEITH ABLER with a Little (Lotta) Help From His Friends

Two Special Performances


Music, Adults

Don’t miss Keith Abler, vocalist, songwriter, and instrumentalist!

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Feb 21-Mar 1

A Tribute to the Carol Burnett Show

Six Great Shows!


Theatre, All Ages

Join us for a wonderful night of slapstick comedy!

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