Paint the Towns in Fall Color

Friday, Oct. 15

Paint the Towns in Fall Color

Reception & Judge’s Comments


Art, All Ages

The Best of Show Award was presented to Todd Schable for his painting NIGHT SHIFTS. Judge Neilsen comments were: “There is an “OCTOBERNESS” about this painting that makes me feel that the artist has captured a MOOD as well as a PLACE. The mood is totally AUTUMNAL…an autumn night wherein darkness is both a symbol of rest and fear…painting an autumn night wherein color is dampened by darkness or eerily transformed by artificial light takes both technical mastery and poetic nuance…and this painting surely reveals both. And this is NOT to say this is a bleak image…it’s mature (as autumn is the most mature of all seasons) it’s mysterious in both a physical and metaphysical way (physical insomuch as one easily recognizes this as a specific building and metaphysical in that is refers to IDEAS of night and passage and journey and age and mystery)and it’s HOPEFUL as there’s a RADIANT patch of light on the right side, along the pathway, that’s as utilitarian as it is a luminous metaphor for safety and a watchful eye in the world. In the spirit of the plein air aesthetic, that one can find BEAUTY all round us, even in the darkness, well, that’s an apt metaphor for both the diminishing “light of day” in October and how even during an international pandemic, we can rely on beauty to hearten our belief in better, more beautiful days to come. This is, in my mind and heart, a very, very beautiful work of art.”

Paint the Towns is sponsored by Dan & Barb Garton, Sargento, Bank First, Paul & Kathy Sartori, and Van Horn Auto and Pleasant View Realty. At the reception, cash prizes in the amount of $3000 were awarded. Best of Show Award-$1000; 2nd Place-$750; Third Place-$350; along with a number of other cash and merit awards. New this year, the paintings created at Paint the Towns in Fall Color will be on display in the main gallery and this year’s award winners will be invited to participate in a special month-long exhibition in April 2022. All proceeds of this event benefit the Plymouth Arts Center, a charitable 501c3 non-profit organization. For more information please call 920.892.8409 or visit the PAC website: www.PlymouthArts.Org

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